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Build Something Great & Launch to Millions

Gamify and tap Into AI Innovation with NarrowAI and FlutterFlow.

Strategy & Vision

Our skilled team will team up with you to really get what you need, do their homework well, and give you solid guidance to make sure things turn out great. 

Build & development

Our designers make products that are easy to use and look great, which makes for a better experience for everyone using them.

AI Ready

In business, creativity and data mastery are key. Our AI knowhow excels at giving custom advice and exact predictions—boosting user satisfaction and saving money, while making human-like decisions based on cutting-edge data analysis.

Boosting New Ideas

Making the Most of AI in Simple App Making

Change the way your business works by using clever AI tools that make things run smoother and faster.

We make special software and apps just for you.

At Narrow AI, we’re your go-to team for creating software easily without much coding.

Strategy development & execution

Industry experts to help you develop your strategy including your target state and roadmap.

Development Process

Jump-start: 2-week Platform PoC

A rapid initial engagement to prove out an initial use case on acceleration tooling (flutter Flow).

Solutions & accelerators

Business solutions on the leading technologies and platforms (Flutter Flow)

Platform innovation and solution engineering

Technical consulting & engineering teams to design, build & deploy bespoke solutions to deliver business outcomes.

From Code to Connection: Crafting Your Vision into Reality with a Human Touch